Himalayan Lifetime Adventure

2000 M
Autumn - Spring

Nepal a country of paradise is full of Himalayan life time adventure seeking to explore Nepal in whole different way. Home to 8 of the highest peak among 10 on the planets, the adrenaline of Himalayas is way more than that what one can expect on their visit in Nepal. This Himalayan lifetime adventure in Nepal combines a bit of all adventure possible on road, land, air and water and in the jungle including the panoramic destination on Nepal.

Himalayan Lifetime adventure is perfect for experience adventure explorer seeking to pit their wits and skills on their visit in Nepal. You will be competing yourself against a route bursting with challenge, sports, culture excitement and free-fall from the sky. The country mostly identified with the Himalayas offers a majestic landscape of mountains, deep valley glaciers with good value range of accommodation standards and easy asses to all the adventure. This Nepal Himalayan lifetime adventure is appropriate for all the travellers with more or less time to cover whole of adventure during their holidays. Water sports or adventure in the sky, motor able high way ride or trekking to the best destination available this adventure will make sure you’re well prepared for this trip of the utmost importance.

With few special thing to live and enjoy for you might need to get out of your daily lifestyle abd join us on our Himalayan Lifetime adventure. If you think you can only have adventure in Everest base Camp in Nepal then come and experience with us. You might be mesmerized with what we put out for your shorter or longer visit holidays. Himalayan Lifetime adventure with Parikrama Treks can be organized for a week holidays or even for 3 weeks of holidays. Be sure to contact us if this is something that you are searching for your next visit.

Note: The above information is just a guide and standard pattern of what we provide. The trip itinerary can be adjust as your request to accommodate your specific requirements.



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