Himalayan Adventure

Himalayan Adventure

Nepal Himalayan Adventure is an old but still the best way to enjoy Asia. It gives us a chance to enjoy Extreme sports activities. As a result, you can challenge your limits. Heart racing and the thrilling experience of the Himalayas make it more interesting. Nepal is a paradise for adventurer lovers who seek thrills and fun in life. One can enjoy their Himalayas adventure in peaks, Himalayas, rushing rivers. Exotic wildlife and unique terrain offer one the best place for such activities.

Nepal Himalayan Adventure will stimulate your mind, body, and soul. You will experience a fascinating tale story for your friends, families, and club. Above all, some escapade will take you to a whole new level.

The Best time to visit Nepal Himalayas for Himalayan Adventure

Nepal is a country where an extreme sport awaits every traveler. Every moment is special and every destination helps to create these moments. The best time for such activities is during the fall and spring seasons. But one can also take part in different kinds of venturesome activities all year round. Parikrama treks offer different trails based on time. Be sure to check out with us to learn more about the perfect events holidays.

Himalayan Adventure Price

With the huge variety of options, one can choose from a single day to months of adventure. Nepal Himalayan adventure with Parikrama Treks offers all kinds of venturesome moments. Himalayas trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing are some of the high mountain trails. Everest skydiving, Annapurna Skydiving, Heli-Skiing is some of the skies events. Furthermore, Mountain biking, a dirt bike ride can be of next-level for extreme lovers.

The team of parikrama treks provides some of the customized Himalayan activities packages. The price range differs based on the destination and types of activities to go for. Feel free to get connected with the excitement available in Sky, Land, and white water. Or get ready to enjoy your kind of adventure on your visit.

Himalayas Trekking Package

Nepal Himalayan Adventure with Parikrama Treks welcomes you to the Himalayas playground. Travelers can also select the Himalayas trekking package and later join the thrill. If you are adventure lovers, these packages will get your adrenalin going. Make sure to check out our tour package starting from day 1 to a week.

Get ready to experience the mighty Himalayas, fast-flowing rivers, safari, and jungles. Or, experience exploits nature in the world-famous Himalayas for your thrilling adventure.