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Nepal is among those country where you can easily get access of visa upon the arrival in International airport or Border line of Nepal- India and Nepal – China Border for foreign travelers. Nepal international airport is located in Kathmandu and all land border are made easily accessible for tourist. You just need to have a passport, passport size photo (2) on hand.  And your passport must be valid for at least six months and a page to get a visa on your passport.

Below I have listed all of the list that you might need to know and moght have to get for your travel in Nepal


It is better to have US Dollar in your hand while getting entry inside Nepal. For tourist visa you can choose for 15, 30 and 90 days of stay visa for your stay in Nepal. It will be better to fill in your details beforehand or on the spot with a US dollars cash in your hand. Visa fee for Nepal entry are For 15 days US$ 25 for 30 days US$40 and for 90 days US$ 100.

Nepali Visa

Nepali visa are quite unique as all foreigner are expected to have visa except India for visit in Nepal. Embassies in your country can also give you the visa with no fuss. Some of the destination from you can get the visa are Tribhuvan Intrernational Airport in Kathmandu, Border line of India and Nepal like Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, Sunauli, Birgunj/Raxual, Kakarbhitta, Mahendranagar. And also from one and only border line of Nepal and Tibet, China Rasuwagadi after the closed border of Khasa since 2015 Earthquake.

If you are from SAARC countries feel yourself lucky to get a free visa of 30 days for your visit in Nepal. As for Indian if you have passport you will not need a visa.

If you are planning for a side trip from Nepal to Tibet or India and once again back to Nepal, it is better you have a multiple entry visa which is US$ 20 extra from your pocket and with parikrama Treks it is likely you will be joining one of the motorbike tour that will be in need of multiple entry visa. It is also available upon entry in Nepal.

If you plan to overstay be sure to get it sorted out in advance at kathmadnu's Central Immmigration office.  You might also have to pay a fine of US$ 3 per day at the airport before your departure from Nepal with overstay of less than 30 days also you will have to pay a US$ 2 per visa extension fee.

Visa Extensions

IF you ask any local travel agency about the immigration center everybody can provide you with the information but not by some local citizen. Visa extensions are available from the Immigration office n kathmadnu and Pokhara only. And the cost is also cheaper as you will only need to pay Minimum of US$ 30(payable in rupees only) for a 15 days extension visa, plus US$ 2 per day after that. For 30 days US$ 50 and for extended multiple visa US$ 20 is required. If you plan to stay for 60 days it will be better to go with 90 days visa in arrival rather than extending your visa later.

For Every visa extension you will be required with passport, fees, one photo and an application form which must be filled online. If you do not have a photo you can have it done in ay photo studio available. Time might differ but extension will be completed within the same day normally within 2 hours, for urgent pay RS 300 and get it done by 10 min.

If you are planning to stay for very long time for visit Nepal again and again in a same year be sure that you can stay total of 150 days within a calendar year.

If you are a travelers who is travelling to India from Nepal but do not have a visa of India you need to get one in Nepal and it's not a easy going one. Visa applicants must be at the India visa Service centre at the state bank of India to the right of the embassy Not at the embassy itself. Application are accepted till midday, but it better to reach there by 9.30 am to e the first one to hold a visa from Nepal to India Travel. You will need a printed copy of online visa form, your passport, a copy of passport page, copy of Nepal visa and two 51x51mm passport photo.

After five days of long wait visit the embassy by 9.30 am to 1pm with your passport visa payment receipt and be sure to leave the passport. On the same day at around 5 pm to 5.30 pm hopefully your passport will shine with a tourist visa of India and you will be ready to travel.

Customs Regulations

Be sure that you are not travelling for the import and export of Drugs and the custom is concerned with the illegal export and all the baggage is X-rayed on arrival and departure. You are also not allowed to import Nepali rupees and only Nepal and India National may import Indian Currency. There is no restriction on bringing in either cash or travelers cheque, but the amount at the time of departure should not exceed the amount bought in.


Nepal is well known for its art and artifacts and has become the victim of international art theft over 2 decades. So the custom' main concern is preventing the export of antique work of art and with good reason.

IF you are willing to buy antique as a souveniers from the vendor which every vendors claims their items to be antique. It is unlikely to be but if in doubt be sure to obtain certificate from the department of Archaeology in Central Kathmandu's National Archives building. If you reach the department between 10 am and 1 pm you should be able to pick up a certificate by 5pm on same day. This will help you to export you valuable souvenirs to your country in one peace and let the government controls exports of precious and semi precious stones and antiques


If you are travelling in Nepal it is likely that you will visit some of the trekking destination in Nepal. For every trekking destination you will be asked to have the permit before hand of your travel. If you are planning to travel to the remote rural areas and restricted destination of Nepals as per ministry of tourism you will be in need of special Permit which can only be obtained from travel agencies. Parikrama treks is one of the trusted agency in the field of restricted destination with every year 3 -5 different group departing to restricted Destiantion in Nepal. This destination applies for restricted permits are Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Tusm Valley, Dolpa, Humla, Nar-Phu,  Kanchanjunga regions. Permit may vary from US$ 10 to US$ 500 per week. 

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